Venan Nations

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A coastal kingdom of island states and drifting cities, connected by vast stone/arcane bridges and threaded with networks of twisting alleys and canals. Venan is renowned for its complex web of guilds, politics and commerce. The wealthy spend vast amounts of gold on carnivals and parties, feeding those that would gladly slit their throats, while poorer citizens are literally fighting for survival in alleys and amidships. The Venanese are renowned for their tempers and propensity for blood feuds, but also for their ability to assess loyalties and their steadfast friendship once attained. They have a sixth sense for gathering gossip and learn from an early age how to size up the intentions of others, though whether they use this for good or ill is debatable…

Government: Competing noble families and merchant houses.
Common Qualities: Passionate, cosmopolitan, insightful, witty, vindictive.
Origin Benefit: +1 origin bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive.
These are considered class skills for all Venanese characters.
Languages: Venanese, racial dialect/bonus language.
Bonus Languages: Nationals (any), Aquatic, Merspeak, Sauran.

Origin Feats

Blood Twin [Origin]
In the ever-shifting web of Venanese feuds, factions and alliances, you have managed to earn a blood debt from a powerful individual. Maybe you’re friends, maybe you’re not, but either way, they owed you. Big. As repayment, they agreed to become your blood twin, allowing you to call on their influence, their resources, or even their personal talents and abilities in times of dire need.
Prerequisite: Level 7+; background story submitted or three white chips spent; Venanese nationality. These chips can be spent all at once or over time.
Benefit: Make your Blood Twin as a second character, with no more total levels than the levels you had when this Feat was taken +2. They possess equivalent coin and gear equal to an average character of that level, unless otherwise agreed upon with the DM. (For instance, if you want to have an exceptionally wealthy twin, you might be able to lower their effective level in return for greater wealth, etc.) Submit them to the DM for approval.
Assuming the Blood Twin is approved, you may call on them a maximum number of times equal to their level. (At that time, this Feat is discarded in favor of another Feat.) Distance is not a factor, nor does your twin have to be conscious or even consent. To call upon your Blood Twin, spend a white chip and explain what quality or feature you are calling upon from the following list:

  • Base attack bonus – average with yours for rounds equal to your level.
  • A weapon proficiency and/or specialization – lasts for the encounter.
  • An armor and/or shield proficiency – lasts for the encounter.
  • A single spell or spell-like ability – one cast, no materials required.
  • A saving throw bonus – stacked with your own for the encounter.
  • An Ability score – replaces your own for one encounter.
  • A skill – replaces your own ranks for an encounter.
  • A Feat – use without prerequisites for rounds equal to your level.
  • A race/class feature – determine on a case-by-case basis. As a rule of thumb, passive abilities such as racial darkvision or a paladin’s resistance to disease last for an encounter, while active abilities such as turning undead or a gnome’s innate cantrips can be used once.

Hundred Lessons of Perfection [Origin]
In Venan, one of the most widely-read texts concerning proper conduct – and all manner of underhanded schemes, for those with wit to read between the lines – is The Hundred Lessons of Perfection, written by the great mastermind Niccolo Scarovese. You have read and absorbed one of the master’s lessons.
Prerequisite: Level 3+; Knowledge (Nobility) 2 ranks, Sense Motive 2 ranks; Venanese nationality.
Benefit: You may select one of the following benefits, reflecting one of the most popular (and effective) lessons you have taken to heart:

  • Eat What You Are Offered: You receive a +4 origin bonus on all saves against poison, and it takes one less successful saving throw to end a poison effect (minimum 1). You also never risk poisoning yourself by accident. At 10th level, you become completely immune to poison.
    Always Pay Your Debts: You receive a +3 origin bonus to confirm critical hits against a target that has directly harmed you in the last 24 hours. Harm may be damage or baleful spell effects, or even particularly deadly insults (GM’s discretion). This stacks with all other Feats and effects concerning critical hits. At 10th level, your bonus increases to +6, and you may choose to automatically confirm one critical hit per day.
  • Never Part In Anger: You may deliver sneak attack damage as though a rogue of half your character level (round up). You may do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom bonus (minimum 1). You must still meet normal sneak attack requirements. If you are already a rogue, you may instead choose to have a similar number of sneak attack dice automatically roll maximum damage. At 10th level, you may deal this sneak attack damage with any weapon, not just the usual assortment. Yes, you can sneak attack with a ballista. Why do you ask?
  • Best Business Is Brief: You receive a +3 origin bonus on all Appraise, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive rolls involving determining value, haggling, identifying items and otherwise conducting business. In addition, you may always take 10 in such situations, without adding extra time. At 10th level, this bonus increases to +6, and with a successful check you may increase or decrease the value of the exchange by 25% in whichever direction you choose.
  • Keep Your Word: By spending a white chip when you make a solemn promise to someone, you receive a +1 origin bonus on all attack, damage, skill check and saving throw rolls while directly acting to fulfill your vow. In addition, you receive a +4 bonus to resist all mundane and magical attempts to sway or coerce you away from your promise. You may not have more active vows than half your character level, and they must be specific, with definite methods to discharge them. (“Defeating the drow on Devil’s Elbow” is a specific vow, while “Defeat all drow everywhere” is not.) Only one vow applies at a time. At 10th level, you become immune to all attempts at magical or mundane coercion, and your vow bonus increases to +2.

Special: Unlike most Origin Feats, you may select this Feat twice. You must select a different lesson the second time. However, bonuses and other effects from this Feat stack with themselves, where applicable.

Venan Nations

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