The Storm Corsairs

Like the Clans, the Storm Corsairs aren’t a physical nation, but where the Clans roam the land, the Storm Corsairs ply the seas and even the skies in great ships of ancient and often mystical design. Organized – if such a term can really be applied to a loose confederation of traders, privateers and scoundrels – into small Fleets based around charismatic captains, the Corsairs serve as couriers, cargo haulers and occasionally warships for those that can pay their price. The Fleets exist due to ancient Charters signed with the Elemental Courts, allowing their ships passage in exchange for certain material tithes. (Rumors persist that the Charters also ask for other, darker things, but if that’s the case, the Corsairs don’t let on.) Sea Fleets are more common, and considerably less expensive than their Sky counterparts.

Unlike the Clans, the Corsairs have no particular loyalty to each other – at best many fleets enjoy “friendly” rivalries, while others have bitter feuds dating back generations. They generally avoid open warfare (it’s bad for everyone’s business), but sabotage, trickery and ambush are not outside the limits. In addition, the Sky Fleets tend to look down on the Sea Fleets as reactionary bores, while the Sea Fleets see their Sky cousins as arrogant prima donnas. When their paths cross, insults are certain to be traded, at the very least.

Government: Charismatic captaincy.
Common Qualities: Cocky, thrillseeking, loyal, colorful, dangerous to know.
Origin Benefit:

  • Sky Fleet: +1 origin bonus to Acrobatics and Fly.
  • Sea Fleet: +1 origin bonus to Perception and Swim.
    Your two skills are considered class skills for your Corsair character.

Languages: One national language, Yarrish. Corsair characters do not automatically receive a free racial dialect or bonus language by race.
Bonus Languages: Both: Nationals (any).

  • Sky Fleet: Auran, Clunk, Celestial.
  • Sea Fleet: Merspeak, Aquatic, Infernal.

Origin Feats

Fortune Favors the Bold [Origin]
Whether at far out at sea or high in the sky, one trait that runs through all Storm Corsairs is the drive to take insane risks and somehow succeed, despite all odds. They are equally well known for their ability to spin fantastic stories about their travels and accomplishments, and even more modest Corsairs accumulate a lot of odd facts and strange tidbits that come to mind at the oddest time.
Prerequisite: Level 6+; Storm Corsairs nationality.
Benefit: Whenever you spend a story or combat token, flip a coin. This must be a real-world coin, and the toss must be witnessed by the DM. Call the coin in the air – if it lands as you called it, you keep your token but still receive its benefits. Story tokens used for the cheat death ability can be retained, but the DM still receives an equivalent number. (So if you spend two tokens to cheat death, and win both coin tosses, you keep your tokens, but the DM still receives two tokens as well.) In addition, your unspent tokens are worth twice their normal value when cashed at the end of a session or level.

Larger Than Life [Origin]
Storm Corsairs are some of the most legendary heroes and dastardly villains. Where other heroes may succeed with skill or sheer grit, the greatest Corsairs seem to win the day by turns of fortune that are nothing less than astounding.
Prerequisite: Level 4+; Storm Corsairs nationality; Fame or Notoriety rating of 4+. In addition, must have spent at least three story tokens on character, world history or other roleplaying elements in the past, particularly those that play up your character’s personality and legend.
Benefit: Whenever you gain a new level, you may choose to decline a number of hit points, skill points or a combination of the two in order to gain extra tokens. This sacrifice nets you extra story tokens at a 1:2 ratio. These extra story tokens are the last to be spent, and if unspent are not “cashed in” as normal, but instead carry over to your next level. However, at any one time you may only have a maximum number of extra story tokens equal to half your current character level (round up). Excess tokens due to the purchase ratio are held in reserve until your number falls to a level where they can be applied.
You may also trade for extra combat tokens, though the ratio falls to 2:1. You also may not use more than one extra combat/magic chip per session, though you may choose when you wish to use them. Keep track of how many extra combat/magic chips you have, as this number cannot exceed more than one third of your character level (round up).
At 10th level, the number of extra story tokens you can have at one time rises to equal your character level, while your pool of extra combat/magic tokens rises to half your character level (round up).

The Storm Corsairs

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