The Pantheon of the Twelve

Unlike some other worlds, our deities do not bind followers to a specific alignment combination, though at the same time a certain axis may be required (or prohibited). For example, a truly devoted follower of Avandra cannot be Lawful – it simply goes against her freedom-loving nature. Likewise, while the Broken King will tolerate a neutral follower – assuming, often correctly, that his dire secrets will corrupt them in time – he cannot abide anyone with Good in their heart. When in doubt, consult the DM about deity/alignment combinations.

Avandra (White Feather) – Goddess of freedom, adventure, travel and change.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel. Align: Chaotic Good
Favored weapons: slings, staves, staff sling

Errathis (Goldeyes) – God of commerce, trade, civilization and knowledge.
Domains: Artifice, Community, Knowledge, Law, Nobility. Align: Lawful
Favored weapons: hammers, picks

Gruumsh (Old One-Eye) – God of evil humanoids, especially the vile bugbears.
Domains: Evil, Destruction, Law, Strength, War. Align: Lawful Evil
Favored weapons: spears, axes, and flails

Kord (The Stormlord) – God of strength, storms, thunder and warfare.
Domains: Air, Destruction, Strength, War, Weather. Align: Chaotic
Favored weapons: swords, unarmed

Lolth (Mother of Monsters) – Goddess of caves, darkness, monstrous creatures.
Domains: Animal, Darkness, Earth, Evil, Nobility. Align: Evil
Favored weapons: daggers, whips

Natallis (The Green Lady) – Goddess of the wild, the ocean and the green moon.
Domains: Animal, Earth, Healing, Plant, Water. Align: Neutral
Favored weapons: sickles, bows (long/short)

The Raven Queen – Goddess of death and endings, the bane of the undead.
Domains: Air, Darkness, Death, Glory, Repose. Align: Neutral
Favored weapons: scythes, maces

St Cuthbert (The Wounded Saint) – God of law, truth, retribution, punishment.
Domains: Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, War. Align: Lawful Good
Favored weapons: clubs, maces

Sune (Lady Firehair) – Goddess of love, romance, community and fertility.
Domains: Charm, Community, Fire, Liberation, Madness. Align: Good
Favored weapons: whips, rapiers

Syrilith (The Silver Mask) – Goddess of lies, illusions and the silver moon.
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Madness, Magic, Trickery. Align: Non-lawful
Favored weapons: ???

Therin (Queen of Light) – Goddess of light, good, spiritual wisdom and the sun.
Domains: Glory, Good, Healing, Protection, Sun. Align: Good
Favored weapons: staves, maces/morningstars

Vecna (The Broken King) – God of vile secrets, corrupt wisdom and the undead.
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Rune. Align: Non-good.
Favored weapons: daggers, darts

The Crooked Warden (Unknown Thirteenth) – God of thieves, bards, escapes, trickery and larceny. Not officially acknowledged as part of the pantheon – indeed, even mentioning the Unknown Thirteenth is enough to rouse some more pious individuals to a fit of religious fury. Some say the 13th is the “true” face of Syrilith, others that they are bitter rivals, and still others that they are married!
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Liberation, Luck, Trickery. Align: Any.
Favored weapons: dagger, sap, rapier

The Pantheon of the Twelve

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