The Clans

Not a physical territory but a collection of nomadic tribes, the Clans wander the other kingdoms in units varying from a wagon with a single family that stays for a few nights to a band of hundreds that erect semi-permanent settlements lasting years at a time. All of the Clans have signature markings, whether tattoos, specific colors or styles of clothing, etc., and they have a unique language impenetrable to outsiders. Some identify with animals, others with deities, others with revered ancestors. They are always colorful and distinct, however. Most of the Clans are relatively peaceful, though some raiding clans retain their ancient warlike ways. Despite some ancient internal feud, by ancient tradition all of the Clans will always put aside feuds and unite against outsiders.

Government: Varies widely by clan, but often clan chieftains.
Common Qualities: Trade Clan: Affable, sharp, silver-tongued, avaricious.
War Clan: Proud, feisty, brave, adventurous, loud-mouthed.
Origin Benefit:

  • Trade Clan: +4 origin bonus to one skill: Appraise, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Perform, Profession, Ride, or Survival. This skill is also considered a class skill for that particular Clansman.
  • War Clan: +1 origin bonus to attack and damage with clan’s chosen weapon OR +1 effective caster level to all spells of a particular damage type of your choice (fire, cold, electric, poison, etc.). If a weapon is chosen, that character is automatically considered proficient in it. Selection of what is normally an exotic weapon requires GM approval.

Languages: Common, Clan Talk (usually shortened to just Talk). Clan characters do not automatically receive their racial dialect/bonus language.
Bonus Languages: Any non-restricted. Clans travel all over.

Origin Feats

Nobody’s Fool [Origin]
Nobody ever puts one over on a member of the Trade Clans; even the most cold-blooded Venanese merchant often has to fall back on poisons and thuggery if they want to outmaneuver one of these wily folk. Likewise, their ability to lie with a straight face is legendary; while this doesn’t always do wonders for their reputation on the whole, in a pinch it can be very handy!
Prerequisite: 4+ level; Bluff 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks; Trade Clan nationality.
Benefit: When making checks against you, opponents apply only half their Bluff, Disguise, Sense Motive or Sleight of Hand ranks (round down) – this includes attempts to perform the feint maneuver in combat. However, this Feat does not apply against supernatural or spell-like abilities involving those skills, such as certain bardic talents or monstrous powers. In addition, all Appraise or Linguistics checks to determine whether an item or document is genuine receive a +5 origin bonus (though not other kinds of checks). You receive a similar bonus on Spellcraft checks, which applies solely to identify whether an item is cursed or not. (This does not grant you training in the Spellcraft skill if you did not already possess it.) Lastly, you receive a +1 origin bonus on Will saves to resist illusion and enchantment spells.
At 10th level, your opponents apply only one third of their Bluff, Disguise, Sense Motive or Sleight of Hand ranks against you (round down). In addition, your resistance to being fooled now applies to supernatural and spell-like abilities, regardless of their source. Your Appraise, Linguistics or Spellcraft check bonus rises to +10, though the other restrictions on these bonuses apply normally. Your origin bonus to Will saves against illusion and enchantment spells rises to +2.
Also at 10th level, once per week you may spend a white chip to discern lies as though a cleric of your character level; if you already are a cleric, add your Wisdom modifier to your effective caster level. Once per week, you may spend a white chip to tell totally undetectable lies for one encounter. You may lie even in a zone of truth or under some other magical compulsion, and neither skills such as Sense Motive or spells such as discern lies will have any hope of detecting anything is amiss unless used by someone five character levels higher or more. These two white chip abilities work independently of each other.

Sway Trader [Origin]
In the language of the Clans, a sway trader is someone with a gift to bypass most any obstacle in pursuit of their craft. You have an almost supernatural gift at your chosen skill, and the ability to ply it smoothly in almost any circumstance.
Prerequisite: 3+ level; 3+ ranks in your Clan skill; +2 bonus or better in its governing Ability; Trade Clan nationality.
Benefit: Your trained bonus for your Clan skill is doubled, and skill checks with it take 1/2 the normal time in all but the most arduous circumstances. You use only 3/4 the normal materials when crafting, and products of your craft are typically worth +50-100% their normal value, assuming you have access to the proper time and materials.
At 10th level, your trained bonus for your chosen skill is tripled, and in any situation where you could normally take 10, you may take 20 with no additional investment of time. Even in situations where you could normally not take 10, you may still do so by spending a white chip to describe your masterful handiwork in the face of adversity. When crafting, you still use 3/4 the materials, but products of your craft are typically worth +150-200% normal value, again assuming you have access to time and materials.

Tall Thane [Origin, Combat]
You come from a proud line of warriors and battle-casters for your Clan, and have earned the right to learn one of your Clan’s deepest blood-secrets, the rites of warfare that have been passed down from elder thanes since the earliest days.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +5 or the ability to cast 3rd level divine or arcane spells; War Clan nationality. This feat may only be selected every five levels – 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th level.
Benefit: Choose one of the following benefits:

  • Battle Cry: You may give a mighty shout that lends your allies strength. Allies within a 30’ radius receive +10 temporary hit points. You may battle cry once per day for every five character levels you possess, and the temporary hit points increase to +20 at 10th level.
  • Blood-Friend: Whenever you roll for a healing spell and one of your dice comes up a 1 or a 2, you may re-roll that die. The new result stands. At 10th level, when you cast a healing spell, you may re-roll any die that come up a 1 or a 2, not just one. The new result still stands.
  • Elemental Pact: Your Clan has an ancient pact with a particular elemental force, rendering you resistant to its effects. (Fire, cold, electricity, sonic and acid are all acceptable choices.) You gain resist 5 to that element; if you have or gain additional resistance from other means, such as a spell or class ability, this resistance stacks. At 10th level, this resistance increases to 15 to that element.
  • Red-Armed: Increase the damage die type of your chosen weapon by one step – d6 becomes d8, etc. Your Clan damage bonus increases to +2. At 10th level, your clan damage increases to +4, and you may select a second weapon to receive your clan benefit.
  • Spell-Shield: On a successful saving throw that allows half damage for a spell or spell-like effect, you take no damage instead. This only applies to numerical damage from offensive spells – other effects are not reduced. In addition, all the baleful spell durations are reduced by half, even on a failed save. (Minimum 1 round.) At 10th level, you take half damage on a failed save, and no damage on a successful one. Now, you might be thinking, what if I have Evasion? Good point, except that only applies to spells that give Reflex saves, whereas this applies to all harmful spells. Also, your Evasion still helps against non-spell dangers such as traps or dragon breath attacks, so it’s still good.
    Steel-Kissed: Once per day you can gain damage reduction 5/magic for 1 round/2 levels. This increases to 10/magic at 10th level, 15/magic at 15th level, etc.
  • War Caller: Choose one spell damage type, such as fire, ice, lightning, sonic, etc. Whenever you roll for damage with a spell that deals that type of damage, one die that comes up a 1 or 2 may be re-rolled. The new result stands. When you reach 10th level, any damage dice from a spell of that element that roll a 1 or 2 may be re-rolled. The new result still stands.

Special: Unlike most Origin Feats, you may select Tall Thane twice. You must select a different benefit the second time. However, bonuses and other effects from this Feat stack with themselves, where applicable.

The Clans

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