Here, you will find information on the playable races in the world.

Note that the races PCs may choose can be in flux depending on updated documents, game balance, and DM approval. Also know that some race stats for non-core races may change, as their entries from the beastiary may be adjusted to reflect similar power-level benefits to other playable races.
(While I know multiple versions of these are out there, for now, go with what you find written or linked here for this campaign. Also, any time you see a set of stat adjustments that are not a 2/2/-2, ask about it, as I try to stick to the standard formula for balance.)

Regarding favored classes…

Players may feel free to choose alternate favored class benefits from any race list, as long as the benefit they choose makes some degree of sense for the character.

Native Races

The following are the commonly found races in most towns and large cities throughout the populated world. Players may choose any of these races for their characters without prior approval.

Changelings – Sly, shapeshifting children of human/doppelganger unions.

Dhampir – Outcasts warped by curses (often – but not exclusively – vampirism) or necromancy, usually from birth.

Dwarves – Stout humanoids with a knack for craftsmanship.

Elves – Wiry humanoids renowned for their intelligence and grace.

Gnomes – Diminutive humanoids touched by otherworldly magic with a gift for trickery and illusion.

Half-Elves – Adaptable and gregarious children of human/elven unions.

Halflings – Diminutive humanoids with a love of travel and adventure.

Hordekin – Tenacious halfbreed children of humans and orcs, gnolls and noble trolls.
^ Generally speaking, use half-orc stats regardless of actual parentage.

Humans – If you don’t know what these are, well, I really can’t help you.

Shifters – Bestial humans marked by ancient lycanthropic ancestry.

Tauren – Wise minotaurs possessed of a great spiritual heritage.

Extraplanar Descendants

Colloquially referred to as “Gensai,” these races reflect all those who have some outsider lineage. In most cases, a character’s own parent is not an outsider, but rather there was some mingling with outsiders in a character’s heritage which has either manifested throughout their family tree, or perhaps only recently surfaced in that character.
(Note: Expect significant overhauls to the elemental descendants, whose entries are disappointingly underwhelming.)

Aasimar – Blessed children of human/celestial unions.
^ Aasimar will gain one -2 stat like all other races. For now, assume Intelligence as Aasimar can be somewhat naive or starry-eyed in their pursuits. I reserve the right to change this to Dexterity (until a PC plays this), because Aasimar are also fairly well known for tackling their problems head on rather than getting out of the way.

Ifrit – In spite of the seeming physical impossibilities of it all, these humanoids are descended from outsiders of fire.

Fetchlings – Strange and unsettling humanoids with a lineage that can be traced back to the plane of shadows.

Oread – Those born touched by beings of the earth and minerals.

Sylph – Those touched by air and wind in their heritage.

Tiefling – Cursed children of human & infernal/demonic unions.

Undine – People with manifested lineage that can be traced to beings of water.

Uncommon Races

The following races are not commonly found in the populated places in the world. This does not automatically forbid them for player characters, but they do require DM approval (and a compelling back-story and reason to allow them).

Drow – Dark elves from the deepest regions of the underground world that most surface societies still believe to be a myth.

Duergar – Dwarves that dwell even deeper than most; those who have forgotten the light and the surface, and who have discarded their morality in favor of power and acquisition.

Half-Ogres – Well, this one’s just disappointing…

Saurian – Somehwere out there, these lizardfolk descendants of lost civilizations might just be hiding amidst ruins and caves. Maybe some have even wandered off into the world in search of something more.

Ratkin – We hope that these are in fact the result of experimentation, and not breeding, but… who knows? In any case, they are certainly not found wandering the streets, and if they are, they are likely to be met with mixed reactions.

Svirfneblin – Gnomes from the deepest reaches, who are usually kept as workers and slaves in the deep. Like most gnomes, though, the quick ones are much more dangerous than they appear.

Strange Possibilities

Stranger things have happened, and perhaps your PC is one of them. The following are possible races for player characters, but absolutely require DM approval and a back-story. Still, if you have a good idea, feel free to pitch it (think flavor first, mechanics second). The stats may be adjusted, as some of the PC entries for these races reflect the fact that they were never intended to be competitive with other playable races. Many of these are likely to appear as NPC races.







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