Use these rules as a replacement for metamagic rules in regular Pathfinder. You are welcome to use those if you would like, but they’re really not worth it by comparison…

New Metamagic System (Feats)

Personal Casting Style [Metamagic]
You have developed a personal spellcasting style, and your familiarity with your spells allows you to employ certain metamagic feats
Prerequisites: Favored class is able to cast 1st level arcane or divine spells. Paladins, rangers and other classes that receive spells but do so later in their career may not take this Feat until they can cast spells of at least 3rd level.
Benefit: This Feat has two parts.
Purchase: You receive 6 points to purchase metamagic Feats, reflecting your individual casting style. Different metamagic Feats have different costs, which are subtracted from this pool. If you like, you may take a Feat you cannot use yet – for example, you can select Quicken Spell at 1st level, even though you cannot use it until you have at least 5th level spells (since it adds four levels to a spell). For ease of reference, the point costs reflect how many levels higher it makes a certain spell; if you wish to add other metamagic Feats to this list, use its level adjustment to determine its point cost. The point cost is as follows:
Free: Merciful Spell, Green Spell, Ritual Spell+, Stylize Spell+. You may only select one free metamagic Feat as part of your Caster Style Feat. If you wish to select additional free Feats, each one costs 1 point.

  • One Point: Selective Spell*, Focused Spell*, Silent Spell, Still Spell, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Disruptive Spell*, Intensified Spell*, Bouncing Spell*, Ectoplasmic Spell*, Elemental Spell*
  • Two Points: Persistent Spell*, Sickening Spell*, Thundering Spell*, Push Spell, Hidden Reserves
  • Three Points: Widen Spell, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Dazing Spell*
  • Four Points: Quicken Spell
  • Variable Cost: Reach Spell* (1-3), Lingering Spell (1-2), Heighten Spell (1-8). When you purchase a variable cost metamagic Feat, you must decide how many points to put into it, which in turn determines how that Feat works. For instance, each point in Reach Spell allows you to increase a range increment by one step, while each point in Heighten Spell allows you to increase a spell’s effective level by one.

(Asterisk) = Found in Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide; + = Found online.
Usage: Once you have selected your metamagic Feats, you may employ any combination of them up a maximum number of four times per day. This resets when you have had a chance to rest and regain spells. You may apply more than one metamagic Feat to a single spell, provided each Feat permits it and its adjusted level is not higher than the highest level spell you can cast. However, unlike regular use of metamagic feats, because this is a reflection of your personal abilities as a spellcaster, you do not need to prepare them at a higher level slot (if prepared) or cast them as a full round action (if spontaneous).
Normal: You must select metamagic Feats individually, and either prepare them/increase casting time (standard metamagic Feats) or use them a limited number of times per day (Sudden metamagic Feats).
Special: You may still purchase individual metamagic Feats, if you desire. These are used, adjudicated and otherwise handled completely separately from the ones represented by this Feat.

Versatile Casting Style [Metamagic]
You have further developed your personal casting style, allowing you to add more metamagic tricks to your repertoire.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 4th level spells; Personal Casting Style.
Benefit: Each time you select this Feat, you receive 4 more points to spend on additional metamagic Feats (at the costs listed in the Personal Casting Style Feat). In addition, you may select one more “free” metamagic Feat. You may also spend points to raise the potential of variable cost metamagic Feats such as Heighten Spell and Reach Spell at this time.
Special: You may purchase this Feat multiple times. Each time, you gain 4 points of metamagic Feats for your personal style.

Vigorous Casting Style [Metamagic]
You have further developed your personal casting style, allowing you to use your personal metamagic more often.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 2nd level spells; Personal Casting Style
Benefit: You receive 3 additional uses of personal metamagic per day. This does not apply to any Sudden metamagic Feats, just the ones you have access to through your Personal Caster Style Feat.
Special: You may purchase this Feat multiple times. Each time, you gain 3 additional uses of your personal metamagic per day.

Additional Metamagic Feats

Green Adept [Metamagic]
Your spells and magical energies do not harm the natural world around you.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast 2nd level divine spells or 4th level arcane spells.
Benefit: Spells you cast that deal damage, channel negative energy or otherwise harm life do not hurt normal or magical plants. Plant creatures are not protected by this Feat, but plants that grow or are created as a result of magic are.
In addition, whenever you cast a spell that utilizes, heals or enhances normal or magical plants (such as entangle), you cast the spell at +1 caster level. This benefit does not extend to plant creatures, nor does it extend to spells with an area effect that you use to affect some plants and some creatures (such as using mass cure light wounds to cure both plants and allies).
Finally, you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks made while interacting with fey and plant creatures of any kind.

Hidden Reserves [Metamagic]
You can call upon deep reserves of personal energy to generate magical effects, though at the cost of taxing your body to the limits.
Prerequisite: Cha 13, able to cast 3rd level spontaneous spells.
Benefit: When you have exhausted a certain level of spell per day, you may channel the energy from your body itself to cast spells. This reserve can be used to cast any spell the character could normally cast, but only if the character is out of that spell level for the day. (For example, if the character can cast 2nd level spells, he cannot use this Feat for 2nd level spells until he’s already used his allotment for that level for the day.) After the spell is completed, the caster takes 1d4 subdual damage per level of the spell and is immediately fatigued. If this spell is of the highest level the character can normally cast, they are immediately exhausted instead.
Special: This ability cannot be used while fatigued or exhausted, and cannot be used if the caster is wearing or carrying items that render them immune to those conditions. However, these conditions can be cured by other means, allowing this Feat to be used again. For example, you could not use this Feat while wearing or carrying a ring that makes you immune to fatigue, but you could use it while carrying a potion that removes the fatigue condition.

Harmonic Spell [Metamagic]
You can weave bardic music into your spellcasting.
Prerequisites: Perform (Any) 5 ranks, Extra Perfomance, bardic performance ability.
Benefit: You may choose to activate one of your bardic performance abilities as a free action while also casting any spell from your bardic spell list. The bardic performance is essentially incorporated into the spell’s casting time, and is otherwise subject to any normal restrictions and requirements that apply to it. Activating a bardic performance using this Feat consumes 1 extra round of your allotted bardic performance limit for the day. (Essentially, the first round of the performance costs 2 instead of 1.) The spell being cast is unaffected – its effective level is not altered, as with most metamagic Feats.

Push Spell [Metamagic]
Your intellectual prowess and intimate familiarity with your daily prayers or magical formulae allows you to finesse your spells a bit, tweaking their limits on the fly to adjust them for an enemy or situation.
Prerequisite: Int 13, able to cast 3rd level bestowed or prepared spells.
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your Int modifier, you are capable of “pushing” a spell to temporarily boost its effectiveness. When pushing a spell, you may use a swift action to add one of the three following effects: increase a spell’s DC by +1, add +2 to the level check to overcome spell resistance, or add a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls made with the spell. While this Feat affects bestowed or prepared spells, you do not need to decide which spells will receive these benefits in advance – you may do so as needed. Only one benefit may be applied to a particular spell at a time.


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