Thayah (TAY-uh or THAY-uh) is a very cosmopolitan place, with a lot of languages. These rules replace the normal language rules found in Pathfinder.

There is no “Common”…

Note that in Thayah, there is no “common” tongue. Characters should consider how they will communicate with one another, usually through one or more commonly known national languages. It is quite common to know multiple national languages. Characters gain one bonus national language known to replace the loss of common.

Languages Known

Most characters automatically know at least two languages, before applying Intelligence bonus or Linguistics ranks. As a rule, this will be a national language of some kind as well as a bonus racial/socialbonus language or dialect.
Human/Caliban: Add any one non-restricted language.
Half-Elf: Add either Mythik or one non-restricted language.
Hordekin: Add either Horde or one non-restricted language.
Tiefling: Add either Infernal or Abyssal, by parentage.
Aasimar: Add Celestial to languages known.
Changeling: Add any one non-restricted national language.
Gensai: Add Auran, Aquatic, Ignan or Terran (by heritage).
Shifter: Add Scenting to languages known.
Other Races: Add specific racial dialect found on list below.

Bonus Languages from High Intelligence Score

Characters with Intelligence bonuses may select additional languages from the list of bonus languages available to their nation; some classes add free ones too:
Rogue/Bard/Canter Trait: Add Cant to languages known (free).
All Spellcasters: Add Draconic to list of bonus languages.
Cleric/Oracle: Add Abyssal, Celestial and Infernal to list of bonus languages.
Druid: Add Druidic to languages known (free). Add Sylvan, Aquatic, Auran, Ignan and Terran to list of bonus languages.
Ranger: Add Sylvan to list of bonus languages.

Linguistics Skill
Characters with the Linguistics skill may learn any language, provided it is not a restricted language they would not have access to. Certain restricted languages can be learned during play, but only with DM approval.

Recommended Languages

Most magic-using characters will want to learn Draconic, as it is the language of most modern magical writings. Historians, bards, researchers and many explorers will be familiar with Drunic, as it is the language of the world’s most mysterious culture and is often found on ancient relics and forgotten ruins. (Note: At this time, Drunic is considered a secret language that may be taught once learned.)

National Languages

This world is a little different in that only monstrous/devolved humanoids have true racial languages – orcs, goblins, etc. There is no Common language in Thayah; instead, national languages are the means of communication for most civilized individuals and situations.

  • Navarrese (nah–VAR-eese) – Rolling, pleasant language of the rustic people of Navarre, full of folk sayings
  • Enokian (ee-NOK-ee-AN) – Quiet, elaborate and punctuated by pauses that are part of the language just as the vocabulary is.
  • Erenaiian (AIR-uh-NAY-en) – Clipped, rapid delivery full of contractions and new phrases hastily mashed together from different words.
  • Lihanin (LEE-hah-NEEN) – A low, guttural language, very direct and full of dark humor and succinct descriptions.
  • Shallish (SHUL-ish) – A melodic language full of high, carrying sounds. Very tonal language, due to the presence of masks in many conversations.
  • Clan Talk – The language of the Clans, usually shortened to just Talk, a dense hodgepodge of borrowed phrases, coined terms and coded messages. Clan only.
  • Venanese (VEE-uh-NEESE) – A passionate, flowing language of fantastic descriptions and equally inventive insults. Often with a lot of gestures.

Racial/Social Dialects

While the civilized races don’t have their own true languages, most of them have racial “dialects” that they use to add a bit of detail among their own kind and even pass secret messages around outsiders. Bluff checks required for such use.

  • Yarrish (Storm Corsairs) – A dialect used by Storm Corsairs to discuss business, pass messages and otherwise speak freely in front of outsiders. Corsair only.
  • Eldren (Dwarf) – A dialect dwarves use to flavor phrases and pass secret messages, relying on use of the seemingly endless folk sayings of the dwarves.
  • Mythik (Elf) – A dialect elves use to flavor phrases and pass secret messages, relying on use of obscure myths, legends and folklore of the elvish people.
  • Lyric (Halfing) – A dialect halflings use to add color and pass secret messages, relying on use of lyrics from the extensive and evolving world songbook.
  • Rembin (Gnome) – A dialect gnomes use to add description and pass secret messages, relying on use and mention of different shades of color.
  • Scenting (Shifter) – A dialect shifters use to intensify language and pass secret messages, relying on subtle scents, poses and eye contact.

Monster/Misc. Languages

Other languages available to player characters.

  • Celestial – Language of the various Heavens and of Good outsiders.
  • Draconic – Language of dragons and modern magical texts.
  • Sylvan – Language of the fey and of forest creatures.
  • Merspeak – Language of the merfolk, sauhaugin, and other aquatic races.
  • Abyssal – Language of the Abyss, abode of demons.
  • Infernal – Language of the various Hells, abode of devils.
  • Sauran – Language of kobolds, lizardfolk, troglodytes, boggarts.
  • Tribe – Language of goblins, hobgoblins and the dreaded bugbears.
  • Horde – Language of orcs, gnolls, trolls, ogres and hill giants.
  • Clunk – Language of your more sophisticated giants. (Not its actual name.)
  • Aquatic, Auran, Ignan, Terran – Languages of the Elemental Planes.

Secret/Advanced Languages

Not allowed to be taken by most characters, at least at creation.

  • Drunic – Language of the Dreamers, lost first inhabitants of the world.
  • Cant – Language of thieves, rogues, smugglers and other scum and villainy.
  • War Cant [Particular Army] – Rapid coded speech of a specific military force.
  • Sign – Hand signals. Popular with deaf people and veteran adventurers.
  • Druidic – Language of the various druid orders of the world.
  • Planar – Language of denizens of the Outer Planes, like the giff and githyanki.
  • Ashtongue – Language of necromancers and certain intelligent undead.
  • Undercommon – Language of drow, duergar and snur-, smuarf-, dumb gnomes.


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