Kingdom of Nevarre

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A recently reforged kingdom that united several smaller realms devastated by the rise of the Lihanese undead legions, now ruled as one entity by King Steelheart. Also known as the Free Kingdom, it has bounced back due to its welcoming immigration policies and is in the middle of a powerful comeback. Rolling hills, clear streams, wide farm fields and patches of timber make this an inviting place for farmers and tradesman, and as a result of powerful mystic seals on the land the Navarrese are highly resistant to magical compulsion. Note: As the “default” kingdom of origin, PCs are assumed to be Navarrese, unless they specifically declare otherwise.

Government: Feudal kingdom.
Current Ruler: King Justyn Steelheart
Common Qualities: Friendly, open-minded, practical, helpful, honest, naïve.
Origin Benefit: +3 origin bonus to Will saves against all spells and spell-like effects that modify or compel thoughts, emotions, behavior and memories. This does not affect non-magical attempts at influence or persuasion.
Languages: Navarrese, racial dialect/bonus language.
Bonus Languages: Nationals (any), Horde, Tribe, Clunk.

Origin Feats

Helping Hand [Origin]
The people of the Free Kingdom are known for many things, but chief among them is their willingness to help others, even at great risk to themselves. Your bond with your companions allows you to do just that, giving up possible advantage for yourself in favor of helping an ally at a crucial moment.
Prerequisite: Level 5+; Navarrese nationality.
Benefit: You may allow your companions to spend your combat tokens as though they were their own. If you allow a companion to use one of your tokens in this fashion, you still receive bonus XP at the end of the adventure, as though you hadn’t spent your combat token. You do not receive this bonus XP if you use your token for yourself, or if the token is used frivolously just to expend it.
At 10th, you receive an extra combat token that can only be used by your companions. Your character must be physically present, but not necessarily alive or conscious, to loan this token to your companions.
Special: You may take this Feat multiple times. Each time you take it, you receive one additional combat token that can only be used by your companions.
Normal: Combat token benefits cannot be used for anyone but yourself, and expended combat tokens net no bonus XP.

Silver Shield Veteran [Origin]
You have served in the Free Army of Navarre, also known by their distinctive silver shield symbol, and were a member of one of its most well-known units. (This does not mean you had to be a big famous war hero yourself, just that you served in a distinguished unit.) Whether or not you fought in the Scarlet War is up to you. Your time in the army taught you valuable lessons, which have now come back to you and proven quite valuable in your career as an adventurer.
_Prerequisite: Base attack +3 or ability to cast 2nd level spells; backstory includes time spent in the Free Army; Navarrese nationality. Note that due to the Free Army’s eclectic makeup, non-Navarrese characters may take this Feat, subject to the following additional requirements: it costs two story tokens; it was likely during the Scarlet War; it counts as one of their two permitted Origin Feats. _
Benefit(s): Scarlet War Veteran: You receive a +2 trained bonus on Knowledge (Religion) checks made to identify the undead (and their weaknesses).
Post-War Veteran: You receive a +2 trained bonus on Knowledge (Local) checks related to the area where you served, as well as a free local language.
In addition, you may select one of the following benefits, reflecting what you learned while serving in a particular unit. Each unit is identified by what device is displayed on the army’s silver shield insignia; many members also get tattoos reflecting their time in a particular unit. Choices include:

  • Black Hounds: You served with the Black Hounds, the Free Army’s elite force of scouts, outriders and skirmishers. Though they have a reputation for unorthodox methods and risky tactics, no one can deny their skill at their craft, and their reflexes are justly legendary. Choose two of the following skills: Bluff, Knowledge (Geography), Perception, Ride or Stealth. You receive a +2 tactical bonus to these skills, and they are always considered class skills for you. In addition, you receive a +2 trained bonus on Initiative checks, as well as +2 tactical bonus to attack and damage rolls or save DCs made against your spells during a surprise round. Lastly, if you ever roll a natural “1” on Initiative, you may immediately re-roll, keeping the new result.
  • Red Towers: You served with the Red Towers, the Free Army’s renowned shield corps. Their relentless discipline on the front line is a marked contrast to their notoriously rowdy behavior at camp, but no one who’s seen them in action doubts their ability, or their courage. You can ready or stow a shield as a swift action; you receive a +1 trained bonus to all attack, damage and CMB rolls made using a shield as a weapon; and you enjoy a +2 trained bonus to your CMD while wielding a medium or larger shield. If you have at least one ally within 10’ and are wielding a medium or larger shield, all effects that cause a fear condition are reduced by one degree, to a minimum of shaken (if caused by a magical source) or nothing (if not of magical origin). Lastly, provided you are not flat-footed or otherwise denied your Dexterity bonus to AC, you can apply half of your shield AC bonus to your touch AC with regard to melee attacks (round up), representing an ability to ward off enemies honed in many battles against fearsome undead whose very touch was ruinous.
  • Angry Suns: You served with the Angry Suns, the Free Army’s fearsome corps of war wizards, battle clerics, assault magi, storm druids and other dangerous spellcasters. Unlike the magical units in most armies, the Suns have traditionally been trusted and well-liked by most of their comrades; when you’re battling hordes of devils and undead, it’s always comforting to have casters on your side! Each combat, you may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to your casting stat bonus on spells or spell-like abilities; the new result of these re-rolls must stand. In addition, you are adept at exploiting moments of weakness created by your allies: you receive a +1 to the save DC of any spells cast against enemies that have been damaged by allies in the last round. You receive a similar bonus on rolls to overcome the SR of enemies damaged in this fashion, and both types of bonuses rise to +2 if an ally has scored a critical hit or inflicted sneak attack damage against the enemy in question in the past round.
  • White Bears: You served with the White Bears, the Free Army’s dedicated hospital cops. More than one potential rout was averted by the fearless intervention of these selfless soldiers, and quite a few heroes owe their lives to their capable hands. You receive a +2 training bonus on all Heal checks, and patients under your care heal 50% more than normal through natural healing. A number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1), you may automatically stabilize a dying target by touching them and whispering a few encouraging words. Each battle, you may re-roll a number of dice for healing spells and spell-like effects equal to your relevant casting stat modifier; the result of the re-roll must stand. Even if you do not cast healing spells, you may re-roll a number of dice for other healing effects such as healing potions for yourself or other people, as long as you receive or administer them directly. Lastly, you may ignore attacks of opportunity for passing through a number of threatened squares equal to your Wisdom or Dexterity modifier (whichever is higher, minimum 1), provided you are moving to a target to heal them and take no offensive action along the way.
  • King’s Thunder: You served in the King’s Thunder, the ferocious mixed infantry that formed the backbone of many of the Free Army’s most famous engagements. Although many armies would struggle with infantry units employing such a wide variety of weapons and fighting styles, due to the veteran sergeants and strong camaraderie, this unit not only works, it routinely devastates enemies unprepared for its unorthodox approach. Choose one melee, ranged or natural weapon that you are proficient in – when you are using that weapon within 10’ of an ally, you receive a +1 training bonus to attack, damage and CMB rolls involving your weapon. In addition, you receive a +4 training bonus to resist disarm and sunder attempts against your weapon of choice, and you may always take an attack of opportunity in response to those maneuvers, even if your opponent would normally deny one (though you must still have an available attack of opportunity for that round). Lastly, once per battle, as an immediate action, you may take an extra attack using your chosen weapon, using your full attack bonus.

Kingdom of Nevarre

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