This is a space for random house errata (and minor alterations due to story chips) that is small or does not fit well under any other section.

Empower Familiar – Witch Hex

A witch may use this hex to empower an ally’s familiar (willing), so long as the total number of minutes of all familiars in their empowered forms does not exceed the witch’s class level per day.

Spark – Spell

The effects of the spark spell are mostly folded into the effects of Prestidigitation. Lighting candles, tinder, or dry paper is a simple magical trick, thus done with Prestidigitation, or it can be accomplished with any spell that deals a small amount of fire damage (like this version of spark). As such, replace the text of the spark spell with text exactly like acid spalsh, except that this spell deals fire damage and is of the evocation school. It shoots forth a hot spark that ignites briefly on impact. Inquisitors may choose spark at level 0.

Shock – Spell

This spell is level zero. It reads like the spell ray of frost. However, this spell is touch range, delivered as a touch attack, and deals 1d4 electricity damage. The spell calls forth a concentrated nimbus of static electricity into the caster’s hand that is released upon touch. All normal rules for touch attack spells apply.


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