Enokian Wilds

Enokian wilds

A thousand years ago, the deserts of Enok were blooming with life, but that age is long past. After a cataclysmic war between the Celestial Host and the Legions of the Pit, life now clings to the edges of a few scattered oases, leaving vast expanses of black sand desert, white rock badlands and crumbling cities adrift in the wastes. It is said that the Celestials still occupy some mesa settlements, while the Legions lick their wounds in cities hollowed out underneath the desert sands. Truth be told, however, most ordinary Enokians want nothing to do with the War Everlasting, and are content to live ordinary lives like the common folk of many other kingdoms.

Government: Tribal chieftains, with elder councils.
Current Ruler: Ghost Mesa Council
Common Qualities: Patient, pious, hospitable, resourceful, superstitious.
Origin Benefit: +1 origin bonus to Knowledge (Religion) and Survival.
These are considered class skills for all Enokian characters.
Languages: Enokian, racial dialect/bonus language.
Bonus Languages: Nationals (any), Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, Ignan.

Origin Feats

Emissary of the Eclipse [Origin]
While you have refused to take sides in the War Everlasting, you aren’t sitting on the sidelines either. You have adopted the role of an Emissary of the Eclipse, a neutral party that helps resolve disputes, keep the terms of the Eclipse Proclamation, ensure that damage to innocents is minimal, and otherwise negotiate with both sides. So long as you keep the peace, you enjoy a sort of “diplomatic immunity”, which bestows protected status against unprovoked attacks and outside meddling by both sides.
Prerequisite: Level 4+; Enokian nationality; Sense Motive 2 ranks, Diplomacy 2 ranks; speak Celestial, Abyssal and Infernal. You must be Lawful Neutral, True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral to take this feat.
Benefit: Until you take a hostile action, you are considered under the effect of sanctuary, protection from good and protection from evil spells with regard to outsiders of both Good and Evil alignment. (Non-outsiders are unaffected.) For the purposes of determining the DC to break this effect, use your character level as the caster level. This effect does not apply to your companions, though, and if broken by your own choice or hostile action, this Feat does not apply against any outsiders present at the scene for at least 24 hours. If a creature makes the Will save, it can target you freely for the rest of the encounter.
You receive a +3 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks made while dealing with outsiders, and provided you have taken no hostile action against them within the last 24 hours, their attitude toward you is automatically improved by one step as soon as you announce your status as an Emissary of the Eclipse. Bestial or unintelligent outsiders are unaffected.
At 10th level, your bonuses double when dealing with outsiders, and you may extend this immunity to a number of other individuals equal to half your character level (round up). Beware extending your patronage too hastily, however – by the terms of the Eclipse Proclamation, you are responsible for their behavior. If one of your “charges” violates their protection, it is immediately broken for everyone else you protected, including you. And there are no rules against them goading you to break the peace…
Special: You must attempt to uphold the Eclipse Proclamation neutrality when possible – if you’re constantly backing one side or the other without good cause, you will have to answer to the Eclipse Emissary Council. This is mostly a roleplaying note, but it’s worth mentioning.

Everlasting Crusader [Origin]
Unlike most of your fellow Enokians, you have declared an allegiance in the War Everlasting, and have earned a soldier’s rank in your chosen army.
Prerequisite: Level 6+; Enokian nationality; speak Celestial, Abyssal or Infernal (depending on faction). You must be Good to qualify as a Celestial Crusader, or Evil to join the ranks of the Pit Legionnaires.
Benefit: You receive different benefits depending on your allegiance:
Celestial Crusader: You receive a +2 origin bonus on damage rolls against all Evil targets and a +3 origin bonus on all damage rolls against outsiders of Evil alignment. You are immune to possession by evil creatures as well as suggestion and fear effects used by infernal entities unless they are at least five levels/Hit Dice higher than you. You may use Detect Evil, as a paladin does, once per day.
Pit Legionnaire: You receive a +2 origin bonus on damage roll against all Good targets and a +3 origin bonus on all damage rolls against outsiders of Good alignment. You are immune to Protection From Good and similar effects unless the caster is at least five levels/Hit Dice higher than you. You may use Detect Good, as a really messed-up evil paladin does, once per day.
Drawbacks: You must maintain the alignment requirement. In addition, you are subject to orders from superior officers in your military force; disobedience will result in the revocation of these benefits, as well as possible other consequences. It is assumed that your assignment gives you more leeway than most soldiers, but if they do issue an order, you are expected to obey immediately and to the best of your ability. Failure to do so will result in loss of this Feat at the very least and may have other consequences as well. In addtion, joining one side marks you as a target to the other’s forces…
Special: At 10th level, your bonuses double. In addition, for a number of minutes per day equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1), you may treat damage from your spells or weapons as being of good, evil, lawful or chaotic in order to bypass damage reduction.

Enokian Wilds

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