Cities of Erenar


These fantastic holdings are tunneled deep into the northern peaks, to fight the fierce winter winds that scour the sides of the mountains. Within the stone, however, are cities forged with cunning stonecraft and even more capable wizardry – visitors expecting dour halls of stone are amazed to see false suns and moons soaring over lush domes of greenery, while complex magical machines assist labor and transportation. Renowned for their magical and technological expertise, the Erenai citizens nevertheless vigilantly patrol their tunnels, aware that Lloth and her monstrous children resent the intrusion into the depths and are forever trying to undermine the expansion of the cities.

Government: Caste system, with parliamentary ruling caste.
Current Ruler: Proconsul Dellin Whitebarrow
Common Qualities: Curious, energetic, creative, funny, impulsive.
Origin Benefit: +1 origin bonus to Knowledge (Arcana) and Use Magic Device. Knowledge (Arcana) is a class skill for all Erenai characters; however, Use Magic Device is not automatically a class skill.
Languages: Erenaiian, racial dialect/bonus language.
Bonus Languages: Nationals (any), Terran, Sauran, Horde.

Origin Feats

Deep Roads Training [Origin]
While the Cities of Erenar are famed for their magical and technological advancements, you know that they aren’t all glorious progress. Far below the shining cities, the darkness howls and snaps, and the Deep Roads connecting the cities are kept safe only by the hard fighting and constant vigilance of the Legion Beneath the Mountain. Even those not of the Guardian Caste often receive training in their unique underground fighting style, out of self-preservation if nothing else, though it is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart.
Prerequisite: +4 attack bonus or ability to cast 3rd level arcane or divine spells; Cities of Erenar nationality.
Benefit: You may move past allied characters in tight corridors without expending extra movement, you may “cut” one hard corner per movement at no extra cost, and you do not count rubble, furniture, natural piles of stone or shallow underground streams as difficult terrain. In addition, in underground, indoor or heavily urban environments (stone or solid timber buildings at least), you receive a +1 circumstance bonus to AC provided you are directly adjacent to hard cover: stone columns, high rubble, building corners, etc. You receive a +2 bonus on Stealth and Perception checks while in urban, indoor or underground environments. Lastly, you receive low light vision in those environments; if you already possess low light vision, its effective range is doubled.
At 10th level, your circumstance bonus improves to +3 AC, and your related skill bonuses double as well. Acquired low light vision distance doubles, and already doubled low light vision becomes darkvision. Finally, once per week, you may spend a story token to shadow walk as per the spell, using your character level as your caster level. You may only begin this journey underground at a specially prepared waystone, and with the exception of a few special areas, you may only exit at a similar waystone location as well. Attempting to enter or exit to any other location has a base 75% chance of going awry, regardless of the spell text.

Emergency Countermeasures [Origin]
Although the Erenai consider the magical technologies that populate their home kingdom to be safe, every citizen learns some basic failsafe protocols, shielding incantations and other last ditch survival strategies. While they’re no guarantee of a safe outcome, they certainly can help in the short term.
Prequisite: Level 6+; Erenai nationality.
Benefit: Choose one of the following benefits:
Antimagic Incantation: You may spend a move equivalent action to recite a brief warding incantation to protect you from harmful magic. You may only select one school of arcane magic or one domain of divine magic per encounter. For the rest of the scene, you receive a +2 origin bonus on saves against that school of magic; all durations of spells of the selected type by hostile casters are cut in half; and if you would normally suffer half damage or effect with a successful saving throw, you instead take no damage or effect at all.
Troubleshooter’s Reflexes: You’re adept at avoiding the effects of mechanical traps or even magical traps that have physical triggers, such as a disintegrate trap that activates when a particular tile is stepped on. You receive a +3 origin bonus on all rolls to decipher or disarm traps of this kind if you are aware of them; if you trigger one by accident or design, you receive an origin bonus equal to half your character level on any resulting saves. In addition, if you would normally suffer half damage or effect with a successful saving throw, you instead take no damage or effect at all.

Cities of Erenar

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