Character Creation Walkthrough

Remember that as you create, level, or modify your character, the Pathfinder SRD will be an incredibly useful tool:

Step 1

Start by looking over the character creation outline here:

Step 2

Review changes in the house rules . This may include some minor changes to skills or feats, as well as additional feat options. Most of all, pay attention to the changes in choosing languages , as well as picking a nation or group of origin.

Step 3

Add character levels. I find it easiest to create a new character at level 1, and then add each level as I go through. So, if we were starting at level 5, I would create a level 1 character, then add level 2, then add level 3, then add level 4, and so on. This way, I don’t get overwhelmed by things like skill points and limits at each level.

Of special note, keep in mind that in our world, you may add any skill of your choice as a “class skill” at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. You may also select a “story feat” at level 5, 10, 15 and 20 (but only if you spent or spend the requisite 5 story tokens to purchase it). Story feats can be any non-combat, non-metamagic feat. Origin feats (listed under each nation/group) and purely defensive feats (like toughness or dodge) may be purchased as story feats even if they grant combat bonuses.

Step 4

Add your equipment. At this stage in the campaign, most characters should have already purchased their starting equipment as well as receiving a sum of gold. In addition, most characters started with some magical items, and they may have gained more as the story went on. Take the time to note what each item or piece of equipment does and to make the appropriate modifications or listings to your character sheet or ability cards.

Step 5

Create a character background. Your character’s background need not be incredibly complex, but every detail will help the DM create some various links to tie your character personally to the story. In addition, I offer bonus XP to the party for each character that submits a background of at least a few paragraphs. Especially detailed backgrounds may earn some more bonus XP.

Character Creation Walkthrough

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