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January 8th - Two half-pints and one big mess
Dwarves, Gnomes, Fangs, and Vials

After resting under the boon of a Priestess of Therin, our group continued forward through the tunnels beneath the complex. We quickly came to a fork in the tunnels where we stumbled into Rudd Crookhammer, a ribald dwarf with a knack for mechanisms affiliated with the Nevarran Militia. He was apparently seeking the Priestess we encountered and a half-elf compatriot. Deciding to be of mutual help, we continued forth together into the tower.

It wasn’t long before we encountered a strange gnome hard at work in lab within the tower. Apparently HE was the one behind the mysterious purple vapor. And worse, he’s perfected it to a point where it’s more potent than other versions of it we have thus far encountered! While he offered to bargain, Brizbane and Zeph were having none of it, and stormed his lab. His Vampiric nature and aptitude at proper Alchemical concoctions quickly became apparent, and after battling tooth and nail, we subdued and ended the Gnome and his vile work. But his dying promise that we were in over our heads and facing a foe even more powerful leaves us more than a little unnerved…


A note

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