Ring of Rogues Remiss

An ornate ring crafted of shiny, silver like metal with a single, platinum encrusted gemstone in the center.


When worn for 24 hours, this ring provides a set of bonuses to its wielder based on its legacy as a tool used by a tradition of rogues throughout many years. The bonus conferred will depend on the character’s abilities.

If the character currently has the “Tapfinding” ability granted by a class (like rogue), then this ring will allow him to treat that class level as four higher for the purposes of determining any class effects regarding traps (trapfinding, trap sense, etc.).

If the ring is worn by a character that does not receive trapfinding, then the character gains the trapfinding ability as if he were a rogue of half his character level (including the ability to attempt disarming magical traps). The wearer treats Disable Device as a class skill while wearing the ring, and he is granted temporary ranks in this skill equal to the last person to wear the ring at the new moon (or hey may use his own ranks, whichever is higher). If nobody who knows the Disable Device skill wears this ring during the new moon, then the number of ranks of Disable Device granted by the ring is reduced by 1 for each month it goes without a skilled wearer. The ring cannot grant less than 1 rank of Disable Device.

The ring will also help anyone to disable a device (though not to find it, which they must use their own Perception skill to do). The gem may be opened to reveal a small extradimensional space containing a set of very fine (masterwork) quality picks and thin tools. These provide a +2 circumstance bonus to disable device rolls.


Ring of Rogues Remiss

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