Welcome to the world after the war…

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It has been several years since historians cite the end of the war with the forces of the Lich King. Still, it has only been a short time, and many are still recovering from the war. Many settlements and villages near the borders are still rebuilding. Many undead, necromancers, and monster lords can still be found in hiding places throughout war-ravaged Lihan. Other kingdoms have had various responses, some taking a strong stance against anything suspicious related to the former war lands, while others are content to stick their heads in the sand and ignore than a problem ever really happened.

In the absence of the Lich King, a great power vacuum formed. Some simply wanted to allow that power to dissipate. There are always some, though, who seek to snatch up power before it is lost, and as the days and weeks pass, things are beginning to look no different from that.

Veterans and volunteers from the war remember what hell it was to go through that time, but even those who only came in toward the end or experienced the fringes of the fight know how important it will be not to let something like this happen again… especially so soon.

Nobody could possibly want such a thing to happen.

Or… could they?

Setting Information

This campaign takes place primarily along the border between the Kingdom of Nevarre and the Kingdom of Lihan. It takes place approximately 5 years after the last war with the Lich King ended.

Characters all have some sort of tie to the war, though some may not even know what their tie is. This is reflected by an additional (third) bonus trait assigned by the DM. Undead, darkness, and evil forces – and fighting against them – are common themes throughout the story. However, these certainly won’t be your only enemies.

Character experience is shared, and all characters maintain the same experience point totals (so everybody levels together). Experience point bonuses are also shared among the group.

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